Why PeeDoc?


We’re Drs. Roscoe Nelson and Howard Tay. Our practice is formally known as Arizona State Urology but you can call us the “PeeDocs.”  Yes, it’s a funny name for urologists in a medical profession with serious conditions like cancer, kidney stones, incontinence, infertility, and erectile dysfunction. However, by keeping things lighthearted, we can connect with more people; and by doing so, we are able to help more people. We love what we do because we simply love helping people. You can always expect honest, personal, and outstanding treatment from our staff and from us. Each patient is unique. Each patient is valuable. Each patient is more than just a name on a medical chart. We will strive to be the urologist you desire.


UnknownAt Arizona State Urology we understand the complexities of the current medical environment.  Information comes at you from many sources including TV, the Internet, advertisements and other sources making your medical decisions even more difficult.  We try to help guide you through these difficult decisions.  As a new feature we have tried to sort through some of the complimentary natural urology treatments available to you.


The web site is intended to give you more knowledge about urology and related conditions. It’s not intended to offer treatment solutions for your or a family member’s particular medical condition or challenges. Instead, by exploring this site we hope that you will be more informed, and thereby gain more understanding and peace of mind.


So, you can call us Dr. Nelson, Dr. Tay or Jennifer, or you can call us PeeDoc. Either way, call us to make an appointment and let’s help you begin feeling better.  Our office phone number is (602) 357-2400.


Consolidated Offices!

In order to provide the best possible care Arizona State Urology has consolidated our practice into two locations; Glendale and North Phoenix.  Dr. Howard Tay and Dr. Roscoe Nelson see patients at our flagship office on the Arrowhead Campus and at our satellite office in North Phoenix at the John C. Lincoln, Deer Valley Campus.


6320 W. Union Hills Drive, Suite B-1600, Glendale, AZ 85308

(Arrowhead Hospital Campus)


19646 North 27th Avenue, Suite 406, Phoenix, AZ 85027

(John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital campus)


What Does This Mean to You?

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If you’ve seen us in our North Phoenix or North Scottsdale offices your records will follow us.  Please call to confirm the location of your next appointment.  If you haven’t been seen at one of our Arizona State Urology offices then please call or email our friendly office staff to get a medical records transfer request and learn how to have your records transferred quickly and securely.  You can speed up your visit by printing out our new patient form and bringing it with you to your first visit.


Patient Line: (602) 357-2400

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Main Fax: (602) 357-2401

Medical Records Fax: (602) 476-5080

Email: info@asurology.com







This site is not intended to provide medical advice, please read our medical disclaimer prior to continuing.


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